Let’s talk about Business!

Business is a fast-paced and challenging environment that encompasses how a company operates as a whole, covering key areas such as marketing and sales, product development, customer service, finance/accounting and legal compliance.  

Eleasha Drew

I’m so excited to give back as a mentor and become a support system as you grow into your best self. Topics I can speak to include: interview prep, resumes, recovering from a layoff, career pivots, general career/life advice or simply being a listening ear. My goal for our BobaTalks is to help guide you toward defining and achieving what success looks like for you while having a great time along the way.

Let’s do this!

Areas of Expertise: General Career Advice, General Life Advice, Mental Health 


Kristina (Yi) Howes

I took a very unconventional path to get to where I am. Starting in healthcare, went to grad school, and then ended up in Tech Startups in Texas. I worked my way up the marketing chain and pivoted to product marketing and decided I wanted to have a family. Stepped down from my high-level director job to a manager position and now at an analyst position to support my family. Now I’m ready to go back to product management/strategy- my passions with vigor!

In my spare time, I macrame, knit, do hot yoga, OTF, and chase my 1 year old around and have adventures with my husband.

Areas of Expertise: Product Marketing, Marketing, Grad School, Resume Reviews, Graphic Design, Strategy, Data Analytics, Business, Healthcare


Angela Chan

Hi hi it’s Angela! I’m a Chinese-American female that spent my childhood growing up in NorCal and Northeastern China. My interests generally revolve around things like music, language, travel, gaming, etc. I started going to community college when I was 11yrs old, doing it alongside middle school and high school. Then, I finished a bachelor’s in International Studies at American University. I later on lived in Germany through a government fellowship and now live in San Francisco working as a Client Service Manager for an investment research firm. Point being – I am no stranger to change and I’d love to listen and support you as you’re going through your own journey and life changes!

Areas of Expertise: Career Advice, Life Advice, Adaptability, Imposter Syndrome, DEI/Cross Cultural Communication, Interview/Communication, Action Planning


Eddy Lam

Hi everyone I’m Eddy! I grew up as your stereotypical asian IT nerd and college dropout that just wanted to belong and be cool.  Spent 15 years in tech building and managing support teams and then pivoted into sales, management, and entrepreneurship. I love seeing my people grow into leadership roles and have grown a passion in helping others find their voice in management. My late mentor was able to provide me with the social skills and tools to grow and I want to pay that forward. If you love EDM, late nineties pop, food, and binging TV let’s chat!

Areas of Expertise: Resume Review, General Life Advice, Physical Health Advice, Sales, Public Speaking, Presenting, Personal Development, Relationship Building

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Sam Fong

Sam Fong is the founder of Asian Investors Network, a group of 8,000+ investors, and has been investing for 17 years in equities, residential and commercial real estate, venture capital, and private equity. Sam is currently a senior associate at a private equity firm which manages approximately $1 billion of investor equity in commercial real estate investments. Additionally, Sam acquires and renovates properties located in the San Francisco Bay Area and teaches personal finance and investing seminars at universities and investment groups in China, the Philippines, and the U.S.

Prior to these roles, Sam was the founder of a company in the Philippines that created custom wedding dresses and suits. Sam also formed a consulting company and worked for a technology start-up in China. Sam holds a B.S. in Management from the University of California at Merced.

Areas of Expertise: Investing, Personal Finance, Passive Income, Travel, Entrepreneurship, Business, Personal Development, Career Development, Real Estate, Stocks, Venture Capital, Private Equity


Audrey Ng

Hello! My name is Audrey and I’m excited to be a mentor on BobaTalks. I am currently a PM Director at a start up called Caastle. I’ve had a very unconventional path that got me to where I am today. Along the way, I’ve worked as a merchandiser, product manager, program manager, operations manager AND earned an MBA at Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley). I especially like to help women navigate through their careers and have candid discussions about the glass ceiling.

Areas of Expertise:Product and Program Management (in start-ups and enterprise), Change Management, General Career/Life advice, Career Pivots, Sustainability, and Managing a Career, Marriage & Motherhood


Eric Chen

Ex-corporate salesperson turned business entrepreneur, Eric Y. Chen is most known for creating Sabobatage: The Boba Card Game. Eric’s background stems from corporate and tech sales in Silicon Valley and soon realized he wanted to pursue business. He ran a product incubator for hardware and consumer goods in San Jose for 2 years scaling businesses from 0 to 7 figures and leaving to run his own pursuits. When he’s not running Sabobatage, he does business consulting under LaunchBrandGrow – an agency specializing in product launching.

Areas of Expertise: Marketing, E-commerce, Business, 3PL Logistics, Kickstarter, Product Launch, Branding


Darren Loh

Hi everyone, I’m Darren, and I’m thrilled to be a mentor on BobaTalks. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have an interest in finance (career or personal) business strategy, or would like to discuss a candid discussion about life. I’m also open to reviewing resumes, interview prep and anything else I can be helpful with.

I’m currently an operating associate at Astara Capital Partners, a middle-market private equity firm that invests and manages a portfolio of regional enterprises across business services, distribution and manufacturing. I’m currently an operator in my firm’s value creation team, and am directly involved in financial planning and analytical functions, business performance improvement and process transformation across my firm’s portfolio companies.

My experience spans investing roles in other private equity firms with a focus across multiple industries including food & beverage, manufacturing and industrials. In college, I completed a range of internships in investment banking in Morgan Stanley and Northern Edge advisors.

I’m a proud graduate of UCLA and a citizen of Singapore! I started my college journey slightly later than most of you, after two years of military service as a sergeant in Infantry Reconnaissance in the Singapore armed forces. If you’re a fellow international and looking for opportunities in the United States, I’m happy to help where I can.