Let’s talk about Engineering (Non-SWE)!

Engineering involves using science, math, and creativity to solve problems and design new things. Some careers include creating structures like buildings and bridges, designing machines like cars and planes, and finding ways to make the world more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Junaid Saeed

For the past decade, I’ve been moving around trying to figure out what I’m good at and what I like doing. I learned that I love helping people, that’s why I’m here. Some topics I can relate to are Engineering, Tech, Automotive, Energy, and Management Consulting.

Areas of Expertise: Resume Reviews and Mock Interviews


Rain Cinco

Hi! I’m Rain and I am an electrical engineer based in Los Angeles. As a self-identified Filipino-American woman in STEM, I seek to help undergraduate engineering majors of ALL backgrounds to know their worth and better understand engineering as a career. I am also passionate about health and fitness!

Areas of Expertise: Resume reviews, engineering interviews (non-software), and general college advice for engineering majors


Carol Kao

¬†I am an EME engineer at Blue Origin. I’m based in Seattle so I enjoy the pnw summer and winter outdoors. I wanted to join bobatalks to help students navigate with the bumps & bruises through school/life and I’d love to help out as much as I can!

Areas of Expertise: EE Questions, Mock Interviews, Resume Review & General Life


Alex Sells

Coming from a school with a very high poverty rate I realized just how much knowledge and help I was given to succeed that their families could not provide them. Going to school with them taught me a lot of things that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise, and I want to give back to students just like those I graduated with to give them the mentorship and knowledge that I had access to that they did not. I also recognize that a lot of my success in life has come from mentors giving me a chance and advice and I would like to pay that forward as well.

+ NeuroDivergent Friendly 

Areas of Expertise: Career Advice, Life Advice, Mental Health


Tina Do

Bio Coming Soon.