Let’s talk about Healthcare!

Healthcare is one of the most advanced industries, with new technology and trends constantly emerging. While it continues to evolve, the healthcare profession remains dedicated to serving people and improving their lives. Healthcare providers are those who deliver medical care and treatment acquired through education and training.

Vivian Duong

Hi! My name is Vivian! I am a human genetics and public health graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh with a strong background in neuroscience. My graduate research is focused on promoting public health through the application of genetics and genomics. I support students interested in applying for graduate school and pursuing a career in health, science, and research. In my free time, I enjoy singing, dancing, and painting.

Areas of Expertise: Human Genetics, Public Health, Career Advice, Resume Review, College Advice, Personal Statement Review, Peer Support


Royal Siu

Hey! I’m currently working as a retail pharmacist in Seattle, WA, though I went to school in SoCal at USC and moved up to Washington for this job. Growing up, I never had a mentor, but I have realized how much of an impact they could have. As such, I want to provide that access that I never had to – hopefully – be a positive influence in another person’s life. Aside from that, I love to box and boulder, and I absolutely love boba! Tell me your favorite drink and your favorite place – always on the hunt for more recommendations!

Areas of Expertise: Career Advice, Life Advice


Kristina (Yi) Howes

I took a very unconventional path to get to where I am. Starting in healthcare, went to grad school, and then ended up in Tech Startups in Texas. Worked my way up the marketing chain and pivoted to product marketing and decided I wanted to have a family. Stepped down from my high level director job to a manager position and now at an analyst position to support my family. Now I’m ready to go back to product management/strategy- my passions with vigor!

In my spare time, I macrame, knit, do hot yoga, OTF, and chase my 1 year old around and have adventures with my husband.

Areas of Expertise: Product Marketing, Marketing, Grad School, Resume Reviews, Graphic Design, Strategy, Data Analytics, Business, Healthcare


Nhat Huynh

I’m a Boba fan lover been following BobaTalk since the beginning. I enjoy connecting with individuals to help them achieve their personal and career journeys. I’ve been in Talent Acquisition for 7 years and 4 years in Health Care Management! Outside of my career, I’m a gamer, collector, and enjoy the outdoors.

Areas of Expertise: General Career Advice, Talent Acquisition, Resume Reviews, Interview Prep, Career Coaching


Marisa Lin

I am currently pursuing a career in Occupational Therapy (OT)! The essence of OT is understanding the importance and meaning people gain from their occupations (activities of daily life). I graduated with a bachelor’s in Kinesiology (study of human movement) with a minor in Family Studies (study of interpersonal relationships and family dynamics). A philosophy that guides my practice is understanding a person from a holistic perspective – considering one’s physical, social-emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. I have always enjoyed connecting with others and believe everyone has a story to share. Let me know what I can do to support you whether it is providing advice or just being a listening ear! 🙂

Areas of Expertise: Peer support and mental health, Navigating burnout, Learning how to manage anxiety/stress, Grad school applications


Zoila Rossi

Hi there! My name is Zoila. By day, I’m a clinical data scientist in the biotech industry; by night, I’m a gremlin indulging in video games, manga, or Jeopardy.

After graduating with an HBSc in Medical & Biological Physics, I thought to myself: “I don’t want to do this anymore!!”. At the same time, I still wanted to make an impact to patient lives without abandoning the quantitative skills I worked so hard to build. I ended up pursuing a Master of Biotechnology, did a data scientist internship, and was hired by the same company I did my internship for after graduating.

If you are a STEM student feeling unsure of your future, or if you are someone who just wants to learn more about grad school or clinical data science, please reach out!

Areas of Expertise: Data Science, Clinical Trials, Grad School, General Life Advice