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Sometimes, the best people to walk you through a problem are those that have walked through it themselves. Our HS Mentors are comprised of University Students from all kinds of schools, majors, and backgrounds. We understand that the schedule of a high school student can be quite intense and all over the place. We offer a coffee-chat style mentorship program that is both flexible and convenient.

Our Discord has Admission Officers from…

Google, Apple, Riot Games, Amazon, Meta, Roblox, Epic Games, Tesla, TikTok, Microsoft

University Mentors for High School Students

Maggie Chen

Cornell University

Hi my name is Maggie Chen, and I’m a current junior at Cornell University majoring in information science with a minor in computer science. I’m currently working at a startup, and my interests are developmental psychology, music, and drawing.

Lets Talk About: College Process, College, Internships, Computer Ccience, Information Science

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Kristi Leung

California Polytechnic State University

Hi! I’m Kristi, a bay-area native who graduated from Cal Poly SLO with a degree in Public Health in 2022! I love trying new food, traveling, reading, & going to the gym!

Lets Talk About: college, public health/science major, marketing, working during school, graduating early, trying new things, & life advice

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Victoria Tran

Santa Clara University

Hi! I’m Victoria. I’m from the Bay Area. I just graduated from Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business, with a degree in marketing emphasizing in business and technology. I’m currently trying to get into product management as a career. I love trying new restaurants and rating them on Beli, going to concerts and festivals, and going to the gym.

Lets Talk About:transferring from community college to a 4 year, marketing, working during school, life advice in all aspects, product management

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Nate Wang

San Jose State University

Hi I’m Nate! I’m from the Bay Area, I graduated and transferred from Diablo Valley College with a Psychology Associate Degree and Business Marketing Associate Degree. I was lead student marketing and events coordinator for all clubs at DVC. Right now I’m going for a Bachelor degree at SJSU! Also a freelance photographer and I love to go to Raves/Festivals!

Lets Talk About: college, mental health, marketing, psychology, community college, life advice, relationship advice, and food

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Julia Wynn

Temple University

Hi! My name is Julia (you can call me Winnie). I am a Social Media & Content Strategist based in NY/NJ/PA. I went to community college, transferred to Temple University, and graduated with a B.A. in Marketing in 2022. I love anime, k-dramas, and gaming. My hobbies include makeup/skincare, recreating TikTok recipes, going to restaurants, clubbing, and going to the gym!

Lets Talk About: Navigating community college, Being a person of color in a predominately white institution, Transferring to 4-year colleges, Business and Marketing, Social Media and Content Marketing, and general topics (life, friendships/relationships, how to enjoy/go out alone, dealing with toxic family members, etc.)

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Auxillia Anthony

University of Texas – Arlington

Hi I’m Auxillia Anthony I’m currently a Senior at the University of Texas at Arlington majoring in Marketing. I currently am a content writer and social media manager for a online Wedding Journal called Perfect Wedding Hub. In my free time I enjoy anime, kpop, cooking, reading, makeup, kdramas, indian films, dancing, and attempting to learn new languages (emphasis on attempting lol). I’m excited to chat with you all!

Lets Talk About:The transition between high school to college/uni, College Application Help, Mental Health, College/Uni Clubs and Orgs, Business/Marketing/Communications, Study Tips, General Life Advice, and Commuter Life.

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Delane Ly

University of Southern California

Hi I’m a junior at USC majoring business administration. I previously interned at EY as a business consulting intern. Currently breaking into the product space. Feel free to connect with on all things consulting, transferring universities, and recruitment 🙂

Lets Talk About: college, life

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Autumn Bertram

Grand Valley State University

Hi I’m Autumn! I’m a senior majoring in computer science at Grand Valley State, graduating in April 2024. I am currently a rising leader at Rewriting the Code. I enjoy anime, kdramas, learning languages, and taking care of my plants!

Lets Talk About:adjusting to college, first year advice, working during school, graduating early, scholarships

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Giorvi “Gio” Merca

Seattle University

Hi hi! My name is Giorvi “Gio” Merca, a Seattle Central College graduate Senior Finance major at Seattle Universities Albers School of Business. Alongside this, I have led the Albers case team for the past 5 months and over the summer helped lead the Seattle University summer business institute. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn! I would love to chat or advise you on anything finance/banking related.

Lets Talk About: Transitioning from community college into University, Finance, Case Studies, Finance, Internships

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Brian Miki

Simon Fraser University

Hi! My name is Brian, a student studying Business and Computer Science in Canada. I have experience in product management, specifically in gaming and SaaS orgs.

Lets chat about: product management, computer science, business school, big tech, freshman internships, general college advice, or any other questions you may have!

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Lisa Lin

Harvard University

Hi! My name is Lisa, I’m a sophomore at Harvard planning on obtaining a bachelors-masters in Computer Science, and I have experience with Software Engineering. I like eating food, taking long walks in the city, and playing video games, and I’m only good at makeup and cooking.

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Lisa Lin

NorthWestern University

Hi! I’m Jasmine, an international student from Manila, Philippines. I’m a current freshman at Northwestern University majoring in Industrial Engineering and hoping to minor in Data Science and Economics. I’m interested in all things product, entrepreneurship, art & design, social psychology, and education. So excited to meet you!

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Violet Yu

New York University

Hi! I’m Vivi. I’m the Program Manager for the BobaTalks High School Program. I say aigo and play poker because it makes my heart go doki doki. 

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