Let’s talk about Marketing!

Marketing is the process of connecting products or services with people who might want or need them. It involves understanding what people want and finding ways to make products or services appealing to them.Some careers include analyzing consumer behavior, creating ads and promotional materials to grab people’s attention, and using social media to connect with customers. 

Kristina (Yi) Howes

I took a very unconventional path to get to where I am. Starting in healthcare, went to grad school, and then ended up in Tech Startups in Texas. Worked my way up the marketing chain and pivoted to product marketing and decided I wanted to have a family. Stepped down from my high level director job to a manager position and now at an analyst position to support my family. Now I’m ready to go back to product management/strategy- my passions with vigor!

In my spare time, I macrame, knit, do hot yoga, OTF, and chase my 1 year old around and have adventures with my husband.

Areas of Expertise: Product Marketing, Marketing, Grad School, Resume Reviews, Graphic Design, Strategy, Data Analytics, Business, Healthcare


Kimberly Szeto

As a mentor, I want to help you to become the BEST YOU! I’m an Events Coordinator and Program Manager for a baby nonprofit called Dear Community in San Francisco, California. In my free time, you’ll see me ranking as a KJ main on Valo or trying out new champs on the Howling Abyss.

Areas of Expertise: Nonprofit, Social Media, Program Management.


Fiona Wei

My name is Fiona, and I have recently completed my master’s in Media, Culture, and Communications. During my academic journey, I had the opportunity to intern at different places, where I gained valuable expertise from influencer marketing to sales. I am thrilled to embark on my first full-time position at an agency. I specialize in providing students with advice on crafting effective resumes and pursuing similar experiences. If you need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to me. I am excited to connect with you!

Areas of Expertise: Resume Reviews, Life Advice


Bria Powlan

I’m Bria, a Product Marketing professional. In addition to my full-time job, I am a Health and Fitness Social Media Content Creator/Influencer plus a part-time CrossFit athlete. When I’m not working, I train and compete across the country in CrossFit, love to eat at new restaurants, and spend time with my husband and two dogs! My favorite part of Boba Talks is sharing experiences and being able to help others reach their career goals.

Areas of Expertise:  Product Marketing Management at SaaS tech companies. Start-Ups/Business, Interview/Job hunting advice, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing Management, and Partnerships.



Lucas Leung

Hiya! My name is Lucas and I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. I’m currently a product manager focusing on SMB retention campaigns. Prior to this role, I was also in sales and a team leadership role. Reach out to me if you’re interested in learning more about pivoting from sales/ people leadership to product / campaign management. Looking forward to chatting!

Areas of Expertise:  General Career Advice, Marketing Advice


Tamara Shoubber

Currently, I’m a project manager in creative studios at SoFi. Based in the bay area, I am passionate about innovation, design, gaming, and everything in between. I love finding new connections and mentoring students and support their growth into future careers – I even ran an internship program in my previous role! Outside of work, I’m a small design business owner, gamer, traveller and boba-enthusiast. I’m looking forward to mentoring students and helping them with their first steps into the working world! Ask me anything marketing, design, small business, tech, project and program management!

Areas of Expertise: PM, Resume Reviews, Career/Job Hunting Advice, Mentorship, Internships


Eric Chen

Ex-corporate salesperson turned business entrepreneur, Eric Y. Chen is most known for creating Sabobatage: The Boba Card Game. Eric’s background stems from corporate and tech sales in Silicon Valley and soon realized he wanted to pursue business. He ran a product incubator for hardware and consumer goods in San Jose for 2 years scaling businesses from 0 to 7 figures and leaving to run his own pursuits. When he’s not running Sabobatage, he does business consulting under LaunchBrandGrow – an agency specializing in product launching.

Areas of Expertise: Marketing, E-commerce, Business, 3PL Logistics, Kickstarter, Product Launch, Branding


Alan Chen

Worked in banking for 12 years before moving into sales roles with startups. I was miserable working in back-office operation roles because it didn’t fit my personality & interests. In college, I selected Finance as my major on whim since I was in honors math in high school and scored higher in the math section of the SAT. Ended up feeling stuck and pigeonholed. it was almost impossible to land a job outside of financial services(chicken & egg problem). I high school I was extremely shy and never thought I would end up working in sales. Interested in helping anyone who wants advice with their career direction or working in sales for an early-stage startup. Would love to mentor anyone that’s shy, but strives to break out of their shell by getting a door to door sales job.

Areas of Expertise: General Career Advice


Lexie Huynh

I have about 2 years of professional experience. Started out my career as a Retail Vendor Manager for Amazon Automotive and made an internal switch to become a Marketing Manager for Prime Gaming. Though I’m currently studying to pivot into Product, many of my college internships were related to marketing and operations so I’m happy to offer mentoring there. I also have vast knowledge in process efficiencies, prioritization, and just getting things done. As a self-proclaimed shy corporate girly, I understand how difficult or intimidating it may be to navigate all the ambiguity (especially in big tech) and want to lend a helping hand of encouragement to those that may be seeking out similar experiences.

Areas of Expertise: Career/Life Advice, Gaming, Business, Marketing, and Resume Reviews


Tyler Coster

Hey, I’m Tyler! I’m a career marketer with 10+ years experience. I’ve done all types of marketing, but found I have a specific knack for consumer brand and product marketing. I recently started a marketing consultancy called Show And Tell. Before that, I was the Director of Product & Integrated Marketing for a music tech startup called UnitedMasters, and before that spent lots of years at Google and Apple. When I’m not working, I’m probably eating. If I’m somehow not eating, I’m probably traveling or playing music.

If you’re not sure what you want to do but marketing and/or entrepreneurship seem interesting, let’s chat!

Areas of Expertise: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, General Career Advice, Personal Brand Narratives


 Isaac Min

Bio Coming Soon.

Areas of Expertise: Product Marketing, Resume Review, Career Coaching