Let’s talk about Product Management!

Product Management is the process of identifying a problem/need, and figuring out how to make it better. PMs work with different teams to create something (Product) that solves a problem and makes people’s lives easier. 

Lynn Nguyen

I am a global PM at Invisalign, specializing in digital platforms as the lead for Invisalign’s doctor-centered marketplace. Born and raised in the Bay, and always knew I wanted to be in tech as I grew up in Silicon Valley. Hobbies/interests as a wholesome gworl: hot yoga, reading, eating and cooking yummy foods with my friends and family, travel, date nights with my partner, beauty and skincare, social justice, memes and pop culture

Areas of Expertise: PM Transitions/Transfers, Soft Skills for PM work, PM Strategy, Growing Product Intuition, Feature Releases and Building a Product from 0-1


Brian Li

I’m currently a Senior Product Manager at Paymentus. I’m really passionate about traveling for food, so my go to vacation spot will always be Japan. I joined Bobatalks, mainly to try to give back to the community and help people find a path/goal/mentor during their product journey. I understand how hard it is to break into product & tech, so I wanted to provide a bit of help back!

Areas of Expertise:  PM, Interviews, Resumes, Mental Health


Zaifa Thananat

I’m a senior product manager at an Ed-tech startup from a non-tech background. It’s not surprising that I enjoy creating new innovative products as a product manager. Aside from reading and learning new things every day, I also enjoy boba now and then since I’m on a diet 😅

Areas of Expertise:  Career Shifts, Managing Fully Remote Teams, Managing Pre Product-Market-Fit Product, Mock Interview


Andrea Boonyarungsrit

I’ve been a mentor at BobaTalks since the early days and am passionate about helping students, recent grads, and career pivoters. Whether it’s breaking into consulting, tech or product management, or what it’s like working in multiple countries, I’d gladly be your sounding board. Outside of BT, I love climbing, snowboarding, going to national parks, and cooking.

Areas of Expertise: PM, Consulting, PM Mock Interviews, Career Pivots


Varun Nair

Hi there! I am Varun. I work at EY as a Technology and a Product Consultant. I graduated with a Masters in CS and I currently live in Columbus, Ohio! Besides work I spend my time playing video games, reading, mentoring and learning about new languages. Born in Mumbai, I was raised in the middle east.

Areas of Expertise: PM, Resume Reviews, Mock Interviews and Mental Health


David Lam

I’m a Senior Product Manager at Gusto. Outside of work, I’m a startup advisor, mentor and am the founder of Limitless, a brand on a mission to unlock human potential worldwide. I’ve had a diverse range of experience in my career as a prior tax accountant, blockchain/cryptocurrency advisor and management consultant.

Areas of Expertise: Product Management, Mock Interviews, Career Development, Personal Growth


Mariza Centenera

Hi! My name is Mariza. I have been in Project and Product Management for 10+ years. I was a Senior Product Manager at a digital product agency for over 7 years. In that role, I worked with my clients on strategy, design, and development to bring products from inception to launch. In addition to that, I completed consultancy work to help my clients establish their internal product team processes. I am currently a contract Project Manager at Riot Games.

Areas of Expertise: Product Management, Process Improvement, Resume Review, Cover Letter Review, Job Search and Interview Tips, Mental Health


Angela Molina

I have worked in the tech space for almost 10 years, and have the opportunity to work on various digital products over the years. I have worked from B2B, B2C, subscription, to commission only type gigs. I’m an extreme sports enthusiast and habitual hobbyist.

Areas of Expertise:  Communication, Interview Coaching, Career Advice


York Chuang

I’m currently a Product Manager at Western Digital, working in our consumer organization. Prior to that, I worked in the aerospace industry as an engineer for several years and also got my MBA. I have benefited from having some great mentors in my life and I hope to offer the same mentorship to new professionals. I’m excited to share whatever knowledge I can around interviewing for jobs, navigating the corporate world, and even going back to grad school and switching careers. Outside of work, I love playing sports, playing board games, and watching a lot of TV.

Areas of Expertise: Resume Reviews, Mock Interviews, General Career Advice, General Life Advice


Marianna Pinto

As the former Lead UX/UI Designer at Avocademy, one of Miami’s top bootcamps, I bring extensive experience in crafting intuitive and captivating digital experiences. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for user-centric design, I have successfully led various projects and delivered outstanding results.

Areas of Expertise: UX Design, Fashion Marketing, Project Management


Manali Patel

Over the past 3 years I got the opportunity to work in different industries, including health tech, finance/banking, and most recently working as a Product Manager in a blockchain start up. My experiences range from helping B2B to B2C clients as well as taking on different roles such as: Client Operations, Client Experience, and Product Management. I joined Bobatalks to become a Mentor for individuals who need help and guidance with their career path.