Let’s talk about Program Management!

Program Management is the process of overseeing a group of related projects to ensure they are completed on time and to the desired level of quality. PM helps to bring foster collaboration, and create something bigger and better than what could be achieved by working alone.

Yen Au

Hi there, I am passionate about solving customer issues, whether they are users, advertisers, or business owners. I have built experience in critical functions such as policy creation, training, vendor management, and quality assurance. They are the elements that make customer support great. I am interested in being a coach because I believe knowledge is only valuable when it is shared and passed on. I am here to listen to you first and work on a plan to achieve your goals when you need one. I am fluent in Vietnamese, and English. I can communicate well in Cantonese. My preferred pronouns are she/her/hers.

Areas of Expertise: Program Management, Vendor Management, Mock Interviews


Johnny Huang

Hey there, I’m Johnny! 👋 I’ve previously PM’d at Apple, Tesla, and Con Edison but I’m currently on a career break so happy to talk over some boba! Despite being a recent 1st generation college graduate, job searching as a new grad/intern is tough so I’m happy to help where I can! Also love cycling, playing video games, and trying out new tofu soup and boba spots!

Areas of Expertise:PM, Resume Reviews, Career Development, Student Leadership


Nayoung Miller Won

Nayoung is a strategic life & career coach living in Seattle, Washington in the United States. While she currently works in tech as a program manager, her past includes working as a career advisor and admissions committee member at higher education institutions. She started her career at Deloitte LLP, worked as a Customer Success Manager at Amazon and a high-growth start-up, and has pivoted careers multiple times since graduating from college. She is a marketer and educator by training (B.B.A University of Michigan, M.S.Ed. University of Pennsylvania). A globetrotter at heart, she has lived and worked in many parts of the world including Singapore, Korea, Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. In her spare time you’ll find her golfing at a local course, exploring cities on a bike, or supporting small businesses on Yelp.

Areas of Expertise: Mock Interviews, Job Search Strategies, International Students, Program Management, Education, Pivoting, Working Overseas


Kathy Shin

I’m a technical project manager for Activision Blizzard King working with the amazing teams that develop mobile games for the WarCraft, Diablo, Candy Crush, and Call of Duty franchises. Born and raised in California, I majored in Psychology and started my work experience in retail and as a restaurant server before making my way into Minecraft. I also used to play video games for a living by being a full-time streamer on Twitch. If you have any questions about working in the gaming industry, being a content creator, or general life things – feel free to reach out!

Areas of Expertise: Program Management, Gaming, General Life Advice


David Cheng

I’m a Project Manager at a healthcare technology startup. I’ve been in the healthcare technology space my entire career, despite getting an Engineering degree in a totally different field. In typical startup spirit, I’m still figuring it out — and that’s okay! I’m stoked to meet you and hear your story.

Area of Expertise: Project Management, Resume Review, Personal Growth, General Life


Kimberly Szeto

As a mentor, I want to help you to become the BEST YOU! I’m an Events Coordinator and Program Manager for a baby nonprofit called Dear Community in San Francisco, California. In my free time, you’ll see me ranking as a KJ main on Valo or trying out new champs on the Howling Abyss.

Areas of Expertise: Nonprofit, Social Media, Program Management.


Geena Yum

As someone who shifted from a pre-med track to tech, I can understand the frustrations of both and how hard it is to make the decision. I would love to help students on a similar track!

Areas of Expertise: General Career Advice, General Life Advice, Mental Health


Otto Wong

Hello!  My name is Otto and I’m currently a Project Manager for the Recruiting org at Airbnb.  I’ve spent my entire career navigating the non-technical side of the tech ecosystem, including ~6 years in the Recruiting space. Happy to help you map out a path to your own success (and crush every interview & offer negotiation along the way!)

Areas of Expertise: Career Planning, Interview Prep, Recruiting, Sales & Post-Sales


Tamara Shoubber

Currently, I’m a project manager in creative studios at SoFi. Based in the bay area, I am passionate about innovation, design, gaming, and everything in between. I love finding new connections and mentoring students and support their growth into future careers – I even ran an internship program in my previous role! Outside of work, I’m a small design business owner, gamer, traveller and boba-enthusiast. I’m looking forward to mentoring students and helping them with their first steps into the working world! 

Areas of Expertise: PM, Resume Reviews, Career/Job Hunting Advice, Mentorship, Internships


Christina Warmbrunn

I’m passionate about intersectionality, gaming, and innovation – all of these inform how I approach mentorship and my own work philosophy. I love optimizing and expanding existing applications or programs to help take them to the next level. I made a (hard) pivot from fintech to the gaming industry.

+ NeuroDivergent Friendly 

Areas of Expertise: Program Management, Resume Reviews


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Katrina Honer

My personality, much like my style, is vibrant, eclectic, and fun. What fuels my fire is helping others put forward the best version of themselves and their brand. I aim to share no nonsense tips and resources to help each and every person achieve the career and life of their dreams.

Areas of Expertise: Career Confidence Building, Talent/Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing, Program/Project Management


Lindsay Thacker

My career has had a focus on production, game QA, and training while working at studios such as ArenaNet, Motiga, PopCap Games, Imagos Softworks, and Riot Games. I have been in the game industry for over 10 years and I am passionate about demystifying this space!

Areas of Expertise: Program Management, Game & Film Production, Game QA, Resume Reviews, Interviews