Let’s talk about Software Engineering!

Software Engineering is the field of creating programs and applications that people use everyday on their phone or websites. It involves designing and building software that works well, is easy to use, and doesn’t break easily – using code, logic, and problem solving skills.

Quan Nguyen

I’m a masters in CS student and career changer who secured two internships and a full-time offer within my first year of pivoting my career. Happy to discuss resume optimization, job/internship application strategies, working at startups, and changing career.


Eric Peng

Hey all! I’m an early-career software engineer based out of Seattle. In the last three years, I have worked on six teams across two companies, ranging from mobile development to machine learning. Throughout this time, I had the opportunity to learn some valuable lessons from amazing mentors (and learn some valuable lessons). Always happy to share what I’ve learned, give solicited advice, help out with resumes/interviews, or just kick it for 30 minutes.

Areas of Expertise: Resume review, mock interviews, advice (new grad, early career, making/demonstrating impact)


Gabrielle Niamat

Hi there! I’m Gabby, a fourth-year Computer Science student at Western University. I started with a major in Political Science but switched to CS after my second year. Outside of work and university, I enjoy traveling, hanging out with friends, spending too much on coffee, and taking pictures of my friends’ cats .

Areas of Expertise: SWE, Resume + Portfolio Reviews, Behavioural Interview Prep, Changing Careers, General Career Advice, MLH Fellowship, Imposter Syndrome



Shivani Gandhi

I’m a software engineer currently mastering in Systems Engineering and Management at UTD. I joined BobaTalks because I love mentoring and sharing my advice with students! Outside of school and work I like youtubing with my sister (@thegandhigirls), blogging, reading, yoga, and spending time with friends and family. I’m excited to meet you all!

Areas of Expertise:  SWE, Behavioral, Interview Prep, Navigating College, Internship Advice (SWE)


Luciana Marques

I’m a software engineer from Vancouver, BC. I joined BobaTalks because throughout my career I had mentors that helped me grow and overcome challenges, and without these people I wouldn’t be here today. So, I like to volunteer in my free time to do the same for others.

Areas of Expertise: SWE – Backend, SWE – Frontend with Reach and TypeScript, Python, resume reviews, mock interviews, Linkedin reviews, getting return offers for interns



Ananta Bhatt

I am a Software Developer/Tech Lead at Rogers Communications, Canada. As an immigrant, I started my career with many ups and downs, I am here to guide students thrive in their career. Apart from being a mentor @BobaTalks, I am also an organizer and technical speaker with Google Developers Group, Canada and an Ambassador for Google’s Women Techmakers.
Looking forward to making new friends!!

Areas of Expertise: Full stack development, Women in Tech, Career Networking, Resume building


Rafay Chaudhary

I’m Head of Product at Impiricus, a successful health-tech start-up. Before this I was the inaugural Software Engineering Lead at the Augusta National Golf Club (The Masters Golf Tournament) and lead the digital transformation of the club. I love BobaTalks as its a great way to connect with student to help show them the different paths an education in STEM can take them. In my free time I love to play basketball travel and spend time with my family.

Areas of Expertise: PM, SWE, Startups, Resume reviews


Abi Hendrick

I am an early career software engineer currently pursuing further education in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I like helping students navigate STEM classes, career choices, mental health, portfolios, and The Lord of the Rings world :). I spend my free time doing ballet, fiber crafts, and cuddling my kitty, Galadriel.

Areas of Expertise: SWE, Portfolios, Mental Health


Jessica Li

Hi! I’m Jessica and I’m currently a fourth year student at Queen’s University studying Computer Science! I’ll be graduating in April and then starting work as a full-time SWE! I joined BobaTalks because I found myself frequently turning to upper year students and mentors for advice throughout my university career. BobaTalks seems like the perfect opportunity to provide guidance to students who are going through the same experiences Outside of tech, I love cooking and trying new restaurants! I also love dogs, crocheting, and occasionally playing video games!

Areas of Expertise: SWE, Resume Reviews, Life as a CS Student!


Jay Jung

I’m lucky to manage and hire a handful of full-time engineers and interns throughout my years, and I recently did a few career workshops for hackathons at UGA, UPenn, etc.

I’m overall really comfortable with guiding people and helping out wherever and whenever I can!

Areas of Expertise: General Career Advice


Spriha Jha

Tech enthusiast, data storyteller, and NYU Computer Engineering Graduate student, I’m all about diversity in tech and making data narrate tales. Off-duty, I’m New York City’s unpaid paparazzo, expressing my creativity through illustrations. My ultimate quest? To become an industry applied scientist, forever learning, evolving, and ready for the next giant leap!

Areas of Expertise:Resume Review, Data Science, Technical Interviews, Career Guidance, Software Engineering


Joseph Perez

I’m a dog dad, husband, and software developer. I made a career transition into tech from a non-technical background. I love supporting early-stage startups through data design and full stack development. My reason for joining Bobatalks is to help others navigate around obstacles to break into a career. Outside of work and mentoring, I love to travel, hike, cook, play video games, and shoot film photography.

Areas of Expertise: Software Development, Resume Reviews, Portfolio Reviews, Career Advice


Mark Sturman

Hi! I am an early-career individual, who is looking to make a difference and provide mentorship to those that are willing to ask for advice. Throughout various stages of my life, I’ve had multiple mentors and realized how much of an impact a mentor can have in a students’ life, and I would be happy to be able to contribute to the community in ways that my mentors contributed to my own growth. I joined BobaTalks because it was an exciting opportunity to provide mentorship as well as give me some experience engaging and supporting those who are not at the same stage as I am. Outside of Tech, I love hiking, going out in nature, making fun projects, reading, and hanging out with friends.

Areas of Expertise: Early Career, New Grad, Job Search, General Life Advice, General Career Advice, Neurodivergent Friendly, SWE, Startups.


Xiangwei (David) Chen

Hi! My name is David and I graduated from UT Austin with a degree in Computer Science and have been working at Bloomberg in New York City since. I’ve been pretty active in our recruiting scene and have some knowledge of Resume Review/Interview Prep (probably not going to do mocks but I can give resources). Outside of work, I’m into watching basketball, working out, and playing whatever video game fancies my interest for that month. I’m happy to talk about almost all things tech, AI, the best boba in the world and why it’s TeaTop, and general life advice/moving to and living in NYC!


Janhvi Joshi

Hi! I’m a recent graduate from UMass Amherst working as a Sr SWE at Visa. My work currently focuses on backend dev but I’ve dabbled a bit in AI/ML. I can help you with your search for internships and job opportunities in SWE roles and provide guidance on managing multiple classes and responsibilities as a grad.

If you are currently located outside the USA and aspiring to apply to tech grad schools here, I can offer some advice. I enjoy sharing my journey of moving to America and living here, and I’m eager to hear about your experiences too!

Area of Expertise: SWE Internship Search, Job Search, Grad Life, Life as an International Student


Joshua Wu

Sup nerds, I‘m Josh (he/him) -a cat dad first, self-taught software engineer second. My career change from HR to Software-even though mostly on my own-wasn‘t a solo effort. Joining BobaTalks was one way I could pay-it-forward for all the support I received along my journey. I currently offer support and advice for those looking to reclaim lost dreams of breaking in to software and software-adjacent roles from non-traditional education pathways and nontechnical backgrounds.

+ NeuroDivergent Friendly 

Areas of Expertise:  Frontend Development, Self-taught Learning, Pivoting into Tech, Contributing to Open Source


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Jonathan Apostol

I am a 2nd-generation Filipino-American based out of California. I am currently a Senior Software Engineer and ERG Lead @ Affirm. Outside of work I love karaoke, traveling, learning languages, binge watching shows, and playing with my cat, Nori!

Areas of Expertise:  SWE, Resume Reviews, General Life Advice



Isabel Lee

 I’m a software engineer with a love for boba. I’ve mostly worked at early and mid staged startups in varying industries and mainly do full stack web app development. Helping people succeed and solving everyday problems is my main motivation for becoming a software engineer and a mentor. Outside of BobaTalks I love to travel and experience new cultures, watch my favorite Bay Area sports teams, and eat all the carbs I can find.

Areas of Expertise:  SWE, Cold Outreach, Mock Behavioral Interviews


Peter Shi

Collecting the infinity stones of experiences.
Pre-Med > NA Collegiate LoL Runner-up > CS Pivot > Mobile Game Dev > Amazon Web Dev
What’s next? Time will tell.


Jayesh Kumar

I’m a software engineer with experience in full-stack development and currently pursuing a master’s degree in Computer Engineering. My passion lies in solving problems through software engineering by building on products. I’ve found great value in having mentors throughout my career and I’m excited to guide students navigate into software engineering, networking, and job search optimization. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, watching stand-up comedy, and exploring new places. 

Areas of Expertise: SWE, Networking, International Student Life, Internship Hunting


Allen Almario

I’m a first generation Filipino American based out of the Greater Seattle area. Right now, I’m a Quality Assurance Engineer II at Expeditors. I mainly help my team maintain and add to our test automation framework using Selenium in Java. I joined Bobatalks because I want to be a resource that I didn’t have growing up. Outside of Bobatalks, I like to exercise, spend time/social eating with friends, listening to K-pop, recently picked up photography, and of course get some Boba!

Areas of Expertise: Software Testing, Automation, General Advice


Michael Chan

I joined BobaTalks to help students better understand the Computer Science and Software Engineering spaces! I faced a lot of uncertainties and challenges with finding my path and purpose, but one of the most rewarding things we can do is pay it forward once we find our way.

Areas of Expertise: SWE, New Grad, Frontend and Full-Stack Mock Interviews


Ben Cheung

Hi, I’m Ben Cheung (he/him). I am a biochemist turned software engineer. I have worked in full-stack development, data pipelines/infrastructure, and cloud engineering roles for companies like Veeva, Coinbase, Riot Games, and Enjin. Outside of work, I’m a TFT fan, blockchain enthusiast, light novel reader, and hackathon organizer. Happy to help!

Areas of Expertise: SWE, Breaking into Tech/Tech Career Change, General Career Advice



Martin Wong

Hello! I’m Marty. I’m a Game Designer currently working on Apex Legends at Respawn. Have been in the industry for about 8 years now and have had benefited immensely from talking to mentors in the past and want to return the favor. I play a ton of games! Everything from LoL and Elden Ring to tabletop stuff like House on the Haunted Hill. Would love to chat about anything remotely nerdy

Areas of Expertise: Game Programming


Daniel Tran

I’ve been a software engineer at Intuit for 4 years. I am happy to chat with you about early career, coursework, interview prep, things I wish I had known 5 years ago, and more! I get excited by topics such as math, science, technology, and deep learning, and one of my new hobbies is astrophotography. I joined BobaTalks because I’m eager to learn from all of you!

Areas of Expertise: SWE, Data, Resume Reviews, Interview Prep


Andy Wong

Current software engineer @ Atlassian. Former Amazon + RBC. Mostly backend focused. Never had a mentor growing up, decided I want to be one for others. Reach out if you want to talk about industry, moving to the US, music, world languages… pretty much anything. I have a lot to talk about!

Areas of Expertise:  SWE, Career Guidance, Moving to the US/VISAs


Chris Cheng

I’m currently a Senior Software Engineer at Unity working on the XR Foundations team where I help developers to create AR and VR games and applications using Unity. I joined Bobatalks since I love teaching and I’d like to offer what help I can in software engineering, technical interviews, and getting started in VR Development. I look forwards to talking with you!

Areas of Expertise:  Software Engineering, Technical Interviews, VR Development, College Course Recommendations for Software Engineering


Allan Tham

Hey, I am a software engineer based out of California and currently working at a finance company. I switched careers from healthcare to software, and during that time I wish I had someone to help me navigate those unsure waters. I joined BobaTalks as a way to help others and be that “someone” that I wish I had when I was going through it.

Areas of Expertise: SWE, General Career Advice, Interview Prep