Let’s talk about Consulting!

Consulting is a process that helps understand and create a plan for how a company can achieve its short and long-term goals. Consultants are trained to listen carefully, ask the right questions to narrow down what’s important, and turn insight into action. They also know how to use information from different sources and experiences to make effective decisions. 

Huy Tran

Hello, I’m Huy (H-we) and I graduated from University of Washington. I have been working as a cybersecurity consultant. I love to play video games and eat food. I have eaten a lot of different foods in the Seattle area. I mainly play a variety of different types of game, but mainly play a lot of League of Legends and Valorant.

Areas of Expertise: Cybersecurity, Mock Interviews, Technical Consulting


Tommy Yee

I broke into Big 4 management consulting after having no direct experience in undergrad- happy to help interview prep, talk Esports or anything in between!

Areas of Expertise: Resume Reviews, Interview Prep, Networking Advice, Technical Consulting


Seo Choe

I’ve been in tech and consulting since graduating with a degree in Computer Science. I believe that you can market your skills for any role and that jobs should match you (and not the other way around!) I look forward to meeting people of different backgrounds and sharing my experiences.

Areas of Expertise: Mental Health, Behavioral Interview Prep, Study Tips, Work/Life Balance


Eric Chen

Ex-corporate salesperson turned business entrepreneur, Eric Y. Chen is most known for creating Sabobatage: The Boba Card Game. Eric’s background stems from corporate and tech sales in Silicon Valley and soon realized he wanted to pursue business. He ran a product incubator for hardware and consumer goods in San Jose for 2 years scaling businesses from 0 to 7 figures and leaving to run his own pursuits. When he’s not running Sabobatage, he does business consulting under LaunchBrandGrow – an agency specializing in product launching.

Areas of Expertise: Marketing, E-commerce, Business, 3PL Logistics, Kickstarter, Product Launch, Branding


Warwick Pang

Hello, my name is Warwick, and I’m a recent college graduate, currently working at EY in the technology risk service line. Despite being from a non-target school, I have been fortunate enough to land a position at a reputable firm, and I would love to offer guidance to others who may be in a similar position as I was. Outside of work, I enjoy travelling and am an avid foodie!

Areas of Expertise: Interview Prep, General Career Advice, Imposter Syndrome, Recruiting