Let’s talk about UX/Product Design!

UX/UI/Product/Content Design is the process of making technology easy and enjoyable for people to use. It often involves creating interfaces that are simple, intuitive, and visually appealing, while also advocating for the user. Designers strive to make technology more accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

Jofo Domingo

I am a self-taught product design lead in the web3, fintech, crypto, digital bank space with over 7 years of design and management experience. I have worked for global brands and led multiple teams – designers, engineers, and PMs. I currently own my own Agency focused on Web3 problem solving doing end-to-end design. From Brand Identity, UX/UI, Design Systems, etc. I joined BobaTalks to support growing designers!

Areas of Expertise: Personal Branding, Product Design, Starting your own Design Practice, Product Problem Discovery, Design Operations and Management, Selling Your Services


Britney Luong

Hi there, I’m Britney! I’m a technical writer/content designer who majored in Literature (Creative Writing). I joined BobaTalks to help support others who might feel lost in their early career adventures (especially those who don’t have a degree in STEM but want to end up in tech!). If you have any questions from content design to resume reviews, feel free to reach out. I’m here to help out and hope we can make “adulting” less intimidating.

Areas of Expertise: General Life Advice, General Career Advice, Content Design


Temay Paguyo

Hello everyone! My name is Temay, I’m a designer from Minnesota currently based in Japan. I work as a UX Design Engineer for an IoT company in Central Tokyo. My work has been described as the bridge between the designs and the implementation during development. Before beginning university, I had the opportunity to take a gap year to study abroad in Japan, but when I returned, I wasn’t sure what path to take. I ended up making my own through my university’s Individualized Degree Program. I’d like to help students find their own paths and hopefully be a lantern to light up any stressful moments. Outside of work, I love to draw, create videos, do Japanese traditional archery, play Nintendo games, and co-host a podcast related to webtoons.

Areas of Interest: UX/UI Design, Multimedia Design, Frontend Development, Living and Working Abroad, Study Abroad, Academic Breaks


Emma Li

I’m a Vancouver-based product designer. I’ve done work at an agency, freelancing, and in companies of all shapes and sizes. I made the transition from business to design around 3 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Outside of work, I love binge-watching whatever is new in the top 10 on Netflix, reading sociology/fantasy books, and learning to code so I can bring all the projects floating around in my head to life.

Areas of Expertise: UX/Product Design, UX Research, Resume Reviews, Mock Interviews


Sola Chang

I’m Sola, a UI/UX designer at Blizzard who works out of Seattle. Before that, I went from graduating with an English degree to teaching computer science in Korea, while juggling freelance art gigs in between. I joined BobaTalks because my journey to the gaming industry was untraditional and would love to help folks who are in the same boat or interested in learning more!

Areas of Expertise: Game UI Design, Game UX Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, Mockups


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Michelle Ta

Hi! I’m a Product Designer in fintech in Chicago and a design mentor for bootcamps and other university programs. I’ve been doing design for over 3 years and have a dog named Trixie.

Areas of Expertise: UX, UI


Brynnlee Ehrsam

Hi! I’ve been practicing UX Design & Research for about three years now. I did my undergrad at Eastern Michigan University studying neuroscience, psychology, and marketing. I got into UX design as I no longer wanted to work in labs and UX allowed me to continue doing human-centered research, much like neuroscience but with more creativity and design. I’m also a UI/UX Teaching Assistant at the George Washington State University. 

Areas of Expertise: Resume Reviews, Portfolio Reviews, UX Design & Research, Career Advice


Sherin George

👋 Hello there! I’m a UX|UI designer at Thrillworks, a digital acceleration agency. I collaborate and work with clients ranging from healthcare to finance. I’m a creative problem-solver with a curious personality.

✨ No matter where you are on your design career path, I’m here to cheer you on and provide a helping hand with any challenges you may encounter. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to getting to know you. 🙂



Jordan Yep

I’m a product designer based in Vancouver! I’ve been in the UX industry for 3 years, and love being able to use design to build experiences that support change and help people be better! I joined BobaTalks to give back to the community, and help other junior and aspiring designers find their place in the industry!

Areas of Expertise:  Product Design, UX/UI design, Mock Interviews


Marianna Pinto

As the former Lead UX/UI Designer at Avocademy, one of Miami’s top bootcamps, I bring extensive experience in crafting intuitive and captivating digital experiences. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for user-centric design, I have successfully led various projects and delivered outstanding results.

Areas of Expertise: UX Design, Fashion Marketing, Project Management


Julia Cheng

Bio Coming Soon.


Thy Tran

Bio Coming Soon.