Let’s talk about Technical Writing!

Technical Writing is the practice of communicating complex information in a clear and concise way that is easy for readers to understand. Technical writing is also important for creating documentation and manuals that help people learn how to use new products or services.

Vicky Chou

Hi, I’m Vicky! I’m a technical writer at a health-tech and data company. I graduated with a degree in Information Science in 2019 and have some insight into UI/UX design because I thought I wanted to become a product designer. I joined BobaTalks in hopes of helping people like you figure out what you want for a career and how you may get there! Outside work, I enjoy playing Mahjong, watching Chinese dramas, jogging, and travelling.

Areas of Expertise: Technical Writing, Product Design, Resume/Application Reviews, Information Science/Technology


Britney Luong

Hi there, I’m Britney! I’m a technical writer/content designer who majored in Literature (Creative Writing). I joined BobaTalks to help support others who might feel lost in their early career adventures (especially those who don’t have a degree in STEM but want to end up in tech!). Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, from content design to resume reviews. I’m here to help and hope we can make “adulting” less intimidating.

Areas of Expertise: General Life Advice, General Career Advice


Jenny To

Bio Coming Soon.

Areas of Expertise