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BobaTalks is a nonprofit that supports students by guiding them through career and personal development ambiguities— all for free.

As a student, I don’t know how to find a mentor with my hectic schedule.

I need a mentor but I don’t know where to start…

What do you want to talk about?

Think about what you want to talk to about, whether that be personal or career development related.

Find a mentor

Select a mentor that’s right for you among 120+ mentor profiles and check their availability.

Prepare to meet your mentor

Congrats! Your call with your mentor has been scheduled! See our additional resources to help guide your conversation, and enjoy your virtual talk!

Mentorship doesn’t need to be overwhelming

Typically, mentorship is inaccessible for various underrepresented communities and difficult to navigate. We believe that finding help should be simple for everyone.

Our virtual mentorship model is built upon 3 steps designed to match you with a mentor who has the right experience and skills to help you reach your goals.

Find mentorship and connections with people from all over!

Our mentors come from both technical (Software Engineering, Product Design, Product Management, etc) and non-technical backgrounds (Marketing, Business Operations, Human Resources, etc) from all kinds of companies to give students the most well-rounded experience for their career and personal goals.

Google, Apple, Riot Games, Amazon, Meta, Roblox, Epic Games, Tesla, TikTok, Microsoft

Your chance to become a mentor

Mentor with BobaTalks where you can guide students who have been in your shoes, on a part-time basis and on your schedule.

Check out our BT Mentor FAQ!

Resources for you

Wherever you are in your mentorship journey, we’ve got you covered. Check out our complete list of resources to help you make sense of this overwhelming world. 

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Wherever you are in your career or personal development journey,

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Our Discord server is the easiest place to get started on your mentorship journey—whether you’re a student, mentor, or partner. Join our BobaCommunity to engage and interact through resume reviews, workshops, events, impromptu advice, and more.