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Our list of BobaMentors is a curated list of community members in various stages of their careers who are here to help you learn and grow professionally and personally. We’ll figure it out, together.

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BobaTalks is a mentorship program – not a networking program. Students should not solicit referrals, internships, or job leads.


Mentors are here on a volunteer basis – if you need to cancel or reschedule your call, please do so with at least 24-hour notice to give time back!


Some mentors might be a better fit than others for your exact needs and questions. Take your time to identify and research the best mentor for you.


Please do not spam or mass sign up for multiple sessions with multiple BobaMentors.

Benefits of BobaTalks

Find growth and community

Β With 17 different categories and 120+ mentors, discover our little pondβ€”all the way from Google to Riot Gamesβ€” that helps you learn and grow both as a professional and a person.

Access valuable resources

Find survival, internship, and life guides you need to make sense of the wide world of tech, life, and everything else in between.

Feel heard and seen

Whether you’re making a career transition or starting your first internship, no achievement is too small to celebrate.

Connect with others

Find collaboration with other students who come from different roles, backgrounds, and boba orders πŸ™‚